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All the comforts of a home office without the “Honey, it’s Wednesday. Take the garbage to the dump?”


We are Brainbar, an exclusive, members only social workspace for the business professional, creative genius, dedicated student and obsessive online shopper.

We are a fresh twist on the classic business social club. Come on in, take a seat, work on your business plan, thesis, resignation letter or whatever it is you need space for. Our casual workstations and outdoor patio offer an environment that promotes both productivity and creativity, leaving our members feeling right at home. At AdMaki Brainbar you won’t hear, “There’s a bear in the garage, again.” Become a member.

Membership has its privileges:
fast internet speed, a creative business arena, healthy food and an opportunity to meet inspirational individuals just like you.

Oh. And squishy pillows.

Pull Up
Our Chair

All for just $100 per month.

Your office is downtown, your internet at home sucks, coffee shops are too noisy and restaurant food leaves you feeling heavy and your wallet light. Not to mention the cost of parking.

Then you need Brainbar where you don’t have to make that trip downtown if you really don’t have to. Work steps from home on that billion dollar proposal, 80 page term paper or that Grammy Award winning song. Or if you just want to get away for some internet-retail therapy…. we’re here for that, too.

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You’re looking smart.
Or is that the
Brainface you’re wearing?

We applaud your fashion sense.

Maybe you saw Brainface at a charity fundraiser, a ski or mountain bike race or tattered in the hands of your mechanic during your last oil change? Well, when you walk into Brainbar you’ll see our latest t-shirt designs on our walls or on one of our members.

Brainface now lives online and as a member you get first peaks and first dibs on what’s upcoming in Brainface. You can check out the full she-bang at And did you know that supporting us automatically turns you into a productive, good looking and philanthropic individual?